Classified Employment

** Substitute Nutrition Service and Substitute Bus Driver Staff Needed **

Application Procedures-All Classified Positions

Most positions require an exam that must be passed PRIOR to applying for the position.

Classified Position Minimum Requirements

Applicants should review the job description and minimum qualifications for each of the positions for which an employment application is submitted.  The “Classified Position Minimum Requirements” document provides a quick glance into the requirements for the most commonly posted positions.  The “List of Classified Position Exams-Qualifying Jobs” will display the position(s) each exam will qualify you for.

All certificates and/or licenses required for specific positions must be on file within three working days after the position’s deadline for consideration.

For further information regarding Classified Employment,
please call (619) 691-5530.

Classified Certification Flyers

Job Postings

Extra Service Postings

  • There are no postings at this time.

Extended Workday/Overtime Postings

  • There are no postings at this time.

 Summer School 2017

  • There are no postings at this time.

If you have any questions regarding summer school classified assignments, please contact Manuela “Nellie” Aragon at (619) 691-5535 or