7-12 Certificated Employment


Internal Employees

S.E.A. (Sweetwater Education Association – Teacher/Nurse/Librarian/SPL)

S.E.A. Posting Schedule

  • The first working day of March, April, May and June
  • Two (2) weeks prior to the start of the semester I
  • Ten (10) duty days prior to the start of semester II

 S.C.G.A. (Sweetwater Counseling and Guidance Association – Counselor  Unit)

For further information regarding certificated employment, please call (619) 585-6001 or (619) 691-5504.

Extra Service



  • There are no postings at this time.

Interscholastic Athletic Coaching Recruitment

Intersession/Extended Day

Summer School (including Extra-Service for Summer)

2024 Summer Session 
Special Education Extended Learning
Pilot Program
  • There are no postings at this time.
Summer Bridge